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Proud to be a leader of innovative, therapeutic multi-sensory environments, the No Boundaries Sensory Unit focuses strongly on engagement, communication, empowerment and control for its participants.
Located within Horizons Respite and Recreation Association Inc.’s premises, the unit was purpose designed and built and houses three environments: Interact, Connect and Create. Within each of these environments, sensory stimulation and engagement are used as tools to enrich lives.

Interested in Accessing the Sensory Unit? 

Come along to a free 15 minute assessment. This provides the opportunity to experience the environment, utilise the equipment, have fun and truly understand its value! Following an assessment, recommendation for accessing the Sensory Unit can be provided. 

We provide a range of access options, including individual or group sensory experiences and participation in our Communication Development Program. 

To arrange your assessment or make an enquiry, please contact our Sensory Unit Coordinator Stacey. 

Our Communication Focus
Communication is a human right and promoting independence and control for individuals with complex communication needs is an essential focus within the Sensory Unit. The Communication Initiative facilitated in the No Boundaries Sensory Unit achieved improvements in participants’ ability to effectively communicate their preferences and needs and development of their ability to utilise sensory equipment and assistive technology in a purposeful way to communicate.

Communication Development Program
Harnessing the therapeutic benefits of multi-sensory environments to develop the individuals’ ability to effectively communicate with the world around them, the Communication Development Program involves weekly 1:1 sessions in the Sensory Unit progressing over an 18 month period.

Each session focuses on three development pillars:

  • Understanding "cause and effect"
  • Exploring the multi-sensory environment 

  • Utilising assistive technology to unlock communication

As the participant progresses through their weekly sessions, they’ll develop skills to utilise assistive technology (such as interactive switches and Tobii Dynavox Eye Gaze) to support independent communication.  

If you'd like information about accessing the Sensory Unit for a therapeutic session or participating in the Communication Development Program, we'd love to hear from you. 

     Contact Details 
     Stacey Maticic 
     Sensory Unit Coordinator 
     (07) 3283 7460

Come and visit us 

10 -16 Tramore Street

Margate  Qld

Tel: 07 3283 7460


Open Monday to Friday

8am to 4pm


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